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1: Choose any number of your OCs.
2: Make your OC (s) answer these questions.

1: Do you want a hug?
Christina:...Only from mommy and daddy.
Shadica:....Only from mom and dad.

2: Are you a virgin?
Christina: Yes.
Shadica: Yes.

3: Do you have any kids?
Christina: No, I am 15 years old!
Shadica: No but if i was pregnant dad would kill the father

4: Have you killed anyone?
Christina: No,but Shadica did.
Shadica: Yes,Christina was right. I killed Amy Rose the hedgehog. She was a BITCH

5: Do you hate anyone?
Christina: I hate Justin Bieber, One Direction, Danita Donata, and anyone who messes with Mom and Dad and Shadica  
Shadica: I hate Justin Bieber, Amy Rose, One Direction, and anyone who messes with Mom and Dad and Christina

6: Love anyone?
Christina: No one still
Shadica: Ditto

7: What is your job?
Christina: Protecting creatures with Mom and Dad.
Shadica: Party Decorator.

8: Favorite Season?
Christina: I love them all!
Shadica: I love them all too.

9: Who's your best friend?
Christina: That is an easy question,Shadica the Hedgehog aka daughter of Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehog!
Shadica: Stupid question but there is an answer. Christina the Human aka daughter of Chris and Martin Kratt!  

10: Any talents or hobbies?
Christina: Talents:Good at naming animals like dad. Hobbies:Drawing and playing the harmonica.
Shadica: Talents: Good at at using Chaos powers,and runs super fast like mom. Hobbies: Racing with Christina

11: What are you going to do once this tag is over?
Christina: Hang out with Shadica.
Shadica: Hang out with Christina

12: What is your eye color?
Christina: Pale blue eyes like dad
Shadica: Red

13: What's your morality? Good or Bad?
Christina: I am nice to those who respect me
Shadica: Nice to the those who i like and matter to me

14: What is your greatest fear?
Christina: That somehow the villains captured the endangered creatures, also the villains captured Mom, Dad, and Shadica  
Shadica: That evil things captured Mom, Dad, and Christina.

15: What do you think of your parents?
Christina: I love Mom and Dad! I would be miserable if they got hurt!
Shadica: I agree with Christina!

16: Any siblings?
Christina: Moms Pregnant and i am going to be big sister!
Shadica: Moms Pregnant too and i am going to be big sister! .

17: Was it fun to answer all these questions?
Christina: It is okay though some questions are stupid.
Shadica: Ditto.

18: How do you feel about your creator?
Christina: She's the one who gave me awesome parents and an awesome talking best friend!
Shadica: I agree and she also has a caring heart and not to corrupted but don't get on her bad side plus she is my aunt and Dad's little sister!

19: Do you have any weakness?
Christina: Classified!
Shadica: Classified!

20: If you could have one wish...?
Christina: That people would leave the creatures alone.
Shadica: For evil people to die and those who follow them.

21: Your favorite element?
Christina: I don't know.
Shadica: Wind.

22: Who is your superior?
Christina: Only my parents.
Shadica: Only my parents but in a parent way.

23: What anime would you switch to for awhile if you could?
Christina: Umm.. none
Shadica: None

24: Sexual Orientation?
Christina: Straight.
Shadica: Straight.

25: Do you care what others think of you?
Christina: No.
Shadica: No.

26: Hi..
Christina: Hello
Shadica: Hey

Christina: No!
Shadica: No!

28: Are you flirtatious?
Christina: No.
Shadica: Sometimes.

29: Would you change gender if you could?
Christina: Not really.
Shadica: Never thought about it.

30: If you could change your boyfriend's/girlfriend's gender, would you do it?
Christina: I don't have a boyfriend.
Shadica: I have no boyfriend.

Christina: Put Your Hearts Up by Ariana Grande
Shadica: Call Me Maybe by Carly Rea Jespen

32: If you could re-design yourself, what one thing would you change?
Christina: Nothing.
Shadica: Nothing either.

33: Do you have a favorite drink?
Christina: Mountain Dew
Shadica: Coke.

34: If you could be any animal, what would you be?
Christina: Umm...A hedgehog?
Shadica: I already am an animal.

35: If you could redo your life, what would you change?
Christina: I would not change anything.
Shadica: Ditto

36: What do you do when you're bored?
Christina: Hang out with Shadica.
Shadica: Hang out with Christina.

37: Favorite video games?
Christina: Whatever video game Uncle Jimmy Z
Shadica: Whatever Jimmy Z makes

38: Have you ever considered a fetish?
Christina: A What?
Shadica: What?

39. If you were in an anime who would play your voice?
Christina: Taylor Swift
Shadica: Demi Lovato

40. Has there ever been a time where you find yourself lost or confused on what to do in a situation?
Christina: Ummm... When Dad was trying to find my miniaturized Mom during a pollination mission.  
Shadica: Classified.

41. Do you have any powers or abilities?
Christina: Um.... I use a Creature Power Suit.
Shadica: Chaos Powers and super Speed.

42: What's your favorite type of cake!?
Christina: Vanilla with almonds.
Shadica: Chocolate.

43: Boxers or Briefs?
Christina & Shadica: girl underwear.

There you go.
I will have a bio for Christina and Shadica tomorrow. This was fun!

                                                                                                         Dark Dayana


loveandinspiration's Profile Picture
Dark Dayana Nightfall De La Luna Hedgehog
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I am 19 years old. I am a girl.

Things I hate- the color pink, dresses, skirts, make up, Sonamy, Shadamy, Silvaze, Silvamy, hot rooms or water, Sonaze, Shadaze, Sonally, Justin Bieber, One Direction, girly things, bullies, stuck up boys and stuck up girls, popularity, homophobics, romantic songs, school, racism

Fave Colors- Dark Blue, black, white, dark red, gray

Things I Like- t-shirts, pants, jeans, sweaters, skateboards, randomness, explosions, guns, knives, birds, Hello Kitty, dogs, fish, cooking, Selena Gomez, action, karate, fighting, pizza, parties, sneakers, rock and roll, bugs, snakes, jewels, jewelry, game consoles, video games, books, bats, spiders, the darkness, electric guitar, drums, music

Hobbies- Singing, Writing, Reading, Babysitting, Racing

My motto- "Life is cruel to those who do many horrible things" and "Make-Up comes from the Devil" and "Speak your mind out"

My big brother is Shadow the Hedgehog. Our mother is Luna the Hedgehog aka Luna Goddess of the light. Our father is Black Doom. I am the bearer of light and dark powers. Shadow's best friend was Maria Robotnik who was also my friend. Maria was a kind, beautiful young girl who liked to see things positive. The day G.U.N came on the A.R.K was tragic. G.U.N soldiers followed Shadow, Maria, and me to the capsule room. Maria told us to go in one different capsule. I chose the left capsule and Shadow took the right capsule. The G.U.N soldiers broke down the door when Maria was a the operation control. Maria pressed a button to lock the capsules Shadow and I were in. Shadow and I tried to get out the capsules to help our only friend. One G.U.N soldiers told Maria to leave the controls or they would shoot her and the G.U.N soldier raised his gun at Maria. I heard Shadow screamed Maria over and over again. I screamed Maria's name too. The G.U.N soldiers turned their heads to Shadow and me. Maria told us to make Earth a better place and to never cause pain to innocent people and to keep this promise. In my head i thought i promise Maria. The GUN soldiers heard what Maria said and turned their attention to hear ignoring Shadow and I screaming Maria and pointed one of their guns to Maria again. I was close to tears and I knew Shadow was close to crying too. Maria looked at us and said to us"keep this promise and sayanora Shadow and Dark Dayana the Hedgehogs." She pressed the button to release the capsules and we both screamed Maria's name while crying. I saw one of the G.U.N soldiers shoot at Maria. She died while protecting us. I blacked out after that. When i woke up i saw that i was still in the capsule in a peaceful looking forest. I remembered what happened on the A.R.K and got very angry i punched the capsule's unbreakable glass that broke. I got out the capsule and looked around to see humans looking at me all scared. I guessed that they never saw a freaky hedgehog. I frowned at the humans because Maria was dead and their was nothing to be happy about. I saw police cars in the park and saw polices looking at me. I read their minds and heard their thoughts. One thought caught my attention. I was something about that i looked like the hedgehog in an old newspaper about the A.R.K. I got angry and i put on an angry expression because of what happened to Maria on the A.R.K. One of the police officers said,"Woah no need to be angry there.", "Why Shouldn't I Be Angry", i snapped back. One different officer said,"Hey there don't talk like that young lady." I got angry."DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO! I HAVE A GOOD REASON TO BE ANGRY. THE FUCKING G.U.N SOLDIERS KILLED MY ONLY FRIEND MARIA ROBOTNIK AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE MY BIG BROTHER SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG IS AT SO I HAVE A GOOD REASON TO BE ANGRY!", i screamed at the officer fighting the tears that were threatening to fall. The officers blinked and the people in the park were shocked. One officer said,"Project Shadow has a little sister." What the hell! Project Shadow is my big brother. I ran up to the officer with super speed and grabbed the officer by his collar and said,"Where is my big brother Shadow. TELL ME!" "He is at club called Club Rouge'', the officer said. I was happy when he said that and i smiled happily, my big brother is okay. I then remembered the promise i made to Maria."I am so sorry officer i forgot to keep my anger in check." The officer looked shocked but then accepted my apology."Can you please show me where Club Rouge is please?" He nodded his head and i let go of his collar and smiled a happy smile and followed him. While i was following him i heard a scream for help and told him to stop and wait there. I saw a two tailed fox that was in a glass capsule and a man that looked like Gerald Robotnik. I ran up to the capsule at super speed and stopped in front the capsule. The fox looked fearful and hopeful at the same time. "Who are you?" Asked the fox, while the man that looked like Gerald was distracted."No time to answer,stand back ok", i said. The fox nodded and stepped back. "Chaos Spear!", i yelled and spears were shot at the capsule that broke. I ran and got the fox. The man that looked like Gerald was shocked to see me rescue the two tailed fox and said," Who are you and how did you brake the capsule!" I had the fox behind me while i was protecting him from the Gerald look alike."His name is Doctor Eggman" the fox whispered. I nodded my head to show that i heard him."My name is Dark Dayana the Hedgehog and i broke the capsule with Chaos Spears", i answered Eggman's question.I told the fox to stay there he nodded. I ran up to Eggman with my super speed and grabbed him by the collar and said,"I am also the little sister of Project Shadow and you shouldn't have captured a fox like that fox kid." Eggman looked shocked but frightened and pushed him to the ground and kicked hard in the head for him to lose concussion. I ran up to the fox and said,"There you go kid.""Your Shadow's little sister? Thank you for saving me and my name is Miles 'Tails' Prower but you can call me Tails.",said Tails. "Ok Tails. To answer your question yes i am Shadow's little sister. I have to go nice to meet you.", i said. "Nice to meet you too Dark Dayana.",said Tails and i ran off. The police officer was there still waiting for me. I told him he can keep going he nodded. When we got to Club Rouge he opened the door and i walked in and told him thank you and that he can leave. He nodded and walked off. I entered and people stared at me than i heard someone yell,"DARK DAYANA IS THAT REALLY YOU?!?"I turned my head to where the voice was and smiled at who the voice belonged to. There in front of me was my big brother Shadow looking shocked and happy at the same time."Hey there big brother long time no see.", i said. Everyone gasped as they heard me say that."Dark Dayana it is you.", Shadow said happily. I nodded and hugged him. He hugged back not caring if everyone wasgasping or whispering. I let go and said,"I missed you big brother.""I missed you too little sister.",Shadow said and then we both smiled at each other."Hey Shadow who is she?",said a white bat that came walking up to us. Shadow was about to say something when i put my hand on his mouth and i said,"Hello Rouge the Bat my name is Dark Dayana the Hedgehog and i am Shadow's little sister." I read Shadow's mind to find Rouge's name. Everybody in the club looked shocked even Shadow and Rouge looked shocked."How did youfind out her name Dark Dayana?" Shadow said. "I read you mind to find out her name Shads remember i can read minds but at that bad time my mind reading skills were bad and so were my other powers.", i said. Shadow and Rouge nodded and then i.spent the whole day.with Shadow as he showed me around and introduced me to the Sonic Team and i saw Tails and hugged me while he hugged me back and everybody in the Sonic Team thanked me for saving Tails from Doctor Eggman and that is the beginning of my new adventures.

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